Francis Reynolds

In the Project Space, curator Julia Marco presents Francis Reynolds, whose exhibition “New Life: An Excavation” is an exploration of sensuality entwined with the grit of labor. “Repeatedly visiting sites of sudden change, he captures images of fabrics, garments, and folds that become surfaces within the flatness of the picture plane,” says Marco.

“These photographs delve into the relationship between beauty and its opposites. Historically, opulence was often depicted through the lavish draping of expensive and hard-to-source fabrics. The Industrial Revolution produced textiles at an unprecedented speed, with workers enduring exploitation for mass production. To this day, fabric production still thrives in regions with low labor standards, perpetuating the exploitation of workers and the environment.”

In this light, “New Life: An Excavation” can be understood as the visual articulation of Reynolds’s ongoing research into labor, materiality, surface, sensuality, and depth. “The prolonged, intense attention I pay to these forms has become a kind of longing,” he says, “for when does a pragmatic concern like building a structure become an aesthetic one? And when does an aesthetic interest become an erotic desire?”